"I really appreciated the one on one advice and it really guided me in the direction on where exactly i want to apply in terms of bs/md programs and which ones would be the best fit for me. Also, taking the time to talk about my stats and provide me some words of advice about what I should do in the future in terms of research helped me realize what I should try to do during these unprecedented times. Lastly, you guys had truly experienced mentors talk about their experiences applying to colleges and share their precautions for a future applicant just like myself. I 

definitely recommend this service to anybody who needs college guidance."

Rishab Gera


"I was helped with my college essay by two of the college counselors. They were extremely helpful and friendly, and totally exceeded my expectations. In just an hour and a half, the counselors gave me a renewed sense of confidence, and I very much appreciate them spending the time with me to not just improve, but transform my essay."

- Anonymous


"It was really nice talking to someone my age about this insane application process. They gave me lots of really helpful advice, and I’m really thankful about that. My favorite part about the conversation was the fact that they were really easy to talk to and super relatable. I didn’t feel like I was talking to someone extremely older than me or any different either. I hope to talk to them again soon!"

- Keertana Terala


"College Process Prep is a fantastic program that significantly eased my stress regarding college applications with their help. Kira and Nicole, two very talented individuals, worked with me to help develop my Common App essay topic.I have been struggling for over a month to choose and outline an idea, but they helped me do all of that in 30 minutes! They provided me with suggestions on how to structure my essay and gave me ideas on how to start and end my essay. In addition to this, they helped me choose what activities to put on my Common App activity list since I was having a difficult time narrowing down my options. I am so thankful for College Process Prep! They provided an excellent service and I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs help with the college process."

- Sarah Memon


After months of searching online for online internships I could potentially do over the summer and finding nothing, College Process Prep helped me find a few websites that could lead me in the right direction towards finding one!



I think your services are beyond helpful! I got some valuable advice that I can use in the college application process. I really appreciate it and am looking forward to do it again. Thank you so much!

-Manveen Kohli


I’ve only had one session with Marc, but he is one of the most supportive and helpful person with this process. I thought that I would have to figure every thing out on my own, but he showed me how to figure things out like which school offers merit and what parts of my application I could improve. I genuinely thank him because without his help I wouldn’t be this far with a completed and finalized college list or a completed essay!

-Varenya Alvakonda


This service helped me so much! I reached out asking about some advise on college admissions and how to get more involved in healthcare due to Covid-19. I got very detailed and thorough responses explaining ways to get involved in healthcare virtually and insight to the college process. I highly recommend this service!



Himani and Casey were very helpful and coherent. They provided all the information I asked for and advised me specifically on my personal concerns and questions. I was really unclear and lost in the process of picking an essay topic and deciding where to apply, and both Himani and Casey provided ample clarification. They are experienced and knowledgeable in most areas of the process, and will give you legitimate, tailored advice that is generally hard to find elsewhere, especially without payment. I highly recommend using CPP's services, and I will be coming back. 

-Rishika Garg


It was very helpful getting some advice from someone who has already gone through the process. We went over my college list and I got suggestions for schools that would work for my preferences. Thank you!

-Sara Abdelkoudous


Really great service! They provide students with important information about college that they may have not considered. I highly recommend reaching out to them for help!

-Ammar Siddiqi


Hi! I started working with College Process Prep over two weeks ago and I can definitely say it was an amazing decision. They have passionate mentors with real life experience that have already gone through the pandemonium that is the college application process. Through their struggles and success, they offer advice that has not only made me a stronger applicant, but also a more passionate individual. With mentors being accepted into colleges and BS/MD programs across the country, they really do have advice for anyone regardless of your ambitions and background. Whether you are a BS/MD applicant, international applicant, Ivy League applicant, or just a student who wants to get into a great college, College Process Prep are the right people to help you reach your goals.

-Sharan Krishnappan


College process prep is extremely helpful for students interested in BS/MD programs like myself. I was very pleased with my experience with the representative. The program representatives did an amazing job answering all my questions and concerns about the daunting BS/MD process. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to get an edge in college admissions.

-Ananya Hota


I found CCP through tiktok and I decided to try CCP. They were super helpful  with explaining the SAT and I will be using them in the future again. I would recommend this to any high schooler who needs help with the SAT/ACT and College Application process. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous


I really enjoyed talking to Casey and his advice made me feel confident in the BS/MD programs I am applying for. I highly recommend anyone looking for advice on the admissions process and/or essays to contact College Process Prep. Thank you for your help!

-Vaishnavi Peyyety


The CPP team handled my writer’s block extremely well. They were quick in responding and their one-on-one free advising is something valuable that a lot of rising seniors like me need during our journey of college applications. I would love to work with them again!

-Nishtha Dalvi


First of all, thank you so much for this. It really means a lot. You guys are amazing. My session with Casey and Akul really helped. They were very sweet and we got to discuss my common app essay and my college list. They also gave me suggestions on other colleges I can apply to. I hope you continue doing this because I am sure there are many others like me that really appreciated your time.

-Zul Norin


Your services are amazing! I had a one-on-one for essay revisions with Monali who gave me extremely helpful feedback on my essay and some pointers to help with certain parts I was struggling with. Additionally, I have gotten very thoughtful and fast responses to the questions I ask to their email. This service is extremely helpful to high-schoolers and I really appreciate all of these mentors taking the time to help us and answer our questions. Thank you so much!



I was able to receive quick and easy help on how to approach studying for the SAT reading and create a plan on what colleges are the best fit for me. 



"College Process Prep is an amazing program that helps seniors who are applying to college get the help they need and have their questions answered. I have spoken with Renat (member) about how to make my essay stronger and he gave me helpful edits to make! Also, I asked him additional questions and he was able to thoroughly answer them as well! I will follow up with him later on, but I am happy to have somewhere to look to for if I have any questions regarding college. Really appreciate all that you guys are doing and keep it up!"

- Hibah Surti


"College Process Prep provides an amazing experience. I walked into the free session filled with skepticism due to the lack of information from professional college admissions organizations. Not only did College Process Prep alleviate my concerns, but the members of the organization helped me garner a deeper understanding of the secretive admissions process. As such, I highly recommend the service!"

 - Manu John


"I really liked this service! Originally, I thought there would only be one mentor to advise me but when I joined the call, there were actually three, which kind of shows me that they take what they do seriously and put a lot of effort into it. The advice they gave was very helpful and something that I would definitely keep in mind as I complete my college applications. Overall, this is something that I would definitely recommend to any high schooler, as they coach a variety of things, ranging from standardized testing to essay help."

- Rahul Konkimalla


"I had a wonderful session with Haider and Vinay. All throughout the sessions they were extremely informative. I definitely hope I will be able to speak with them again in the future!"

- Juliana Guanlao


I spoke with Himani about high school advice as well as ways to make my college applications stand out. She was great in helping me understand that I am in the right track and gave me a lot of new advice that I will definitely be using!

-Hannah Luc 


Nicole was beyond awesome in guiding me. She gave me much more confidence in my application process. I would highly recommend receiving guidance from these guys. They are giving back to the community and truly helping people succeed in their college admission process.



The session was really helpful! All of my questions were answered fairly well. Thank you guys for doing this, it’s a real plus for high schoolers.

-Riza Khan


I found CPP through Tik Tok and I decided to give them a try. They were super professional and extremely helpful with explaining the Bs/md application process. I will be using them in the future for college essay revisions. I would recommend to any high schooler who needs guidance on the college application process.

-Ciara Mitchell


I found the advice to be very helpful with specifics on certain things to do or to avoid. It helped me formulate some ideas and rule out others based on what the college essay should be about. It offered me outside input on my essay from a neutral person and thoughts I didn't think of on my own.

-Charan Kanna


This service really helped me figure out where to go with my essays. Casey helped me structure my essays and what to add on to them so that they made sense. He gave constructive criticism and was super understanding about all the questions I had and even gave more ideas on what to write about. Overall, College Process Prep is a great program that I highly recommend to others even though I've only used it once.

-Kirti Kaur


College Process Prep is an incredible program that I will recommend to everyone. They will look through your stats and give amazing advice. The members here are friendly and knowledgeable. I had a session with Casey. He's extremely helpful and talented. If you're stress about the college application process, you will want to try this program.

-Tianyu Ding


Great advice and helpful tips. Thanks!

-Alan Ding


I did not know what to expect going into the zoom meeting but it helped a great deal. Mikhail did a phenomenal job at answering all my needed questions. I appreciated that he let me steer the direction of the meeting. He helped me decide on what to write about for my college essay. Listening to his high school experience and his college application process provided the reassurance that I needed. I feel ready for the college application process and know which direction I will head in.

-Tianne Fitzmaurice


I had a session today regarding my essays and I honestly thought the discussion I had with the mentor was really helpful because it gave me insight into how to better my essays. The mentor worked with me to craft my essay so that it focused more on personal growth and answering the actual prompt and gave me some possible ideas for the Common App personal statement essay. I think one thing that could be helpful for future students is for them to send you the essay ahead of time and you could comment using google docs and have them correct the essay before the zoom call. That way, the student has already worked on the feedback and you can communicate what you think can still be better improved after you're feedback. Another thing that I think could be helpful is if you recommended a couple of colleges for students to apply to based on their stats and other experiences. I personally struggled to compile my list of schools so that could be another good service! Overall, this was a great session and I think it was super helpful so thank you for your time.

-Nandini Gupta


CPP does a great job in helping students start and finalize their application process. The advisors are really nice and give great advice.

-Prisha Vatsal


I think the session was very organized and you answered my questions perfectly. I honestly can't think of any criticism of the session. I think you guys are doing great work and you helped me out a lot! A simple thank you is all I can give, so thank you so much :)



I worked with Monali from College Process Prep and her feedback was invaluable! She worked with me on how to structure my application in the best way and looked over a few of my essays. Her advice was so helpful and I'm so glad I booked this session! Will definitely be booking more soon :)

-Riya Manchanda


I'm so glad I came across College Process Prep! I had a few concerns about my personal statement, and Alisha did a wonderful job of clearing them. She gave amazing tips that will really strengthen my essay. It's an incredible service and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for college application advice.

-Sanju Kona


While I've used other services in the past, I found that my advisor, Alisha, was extremely helpful in explaining the college process. As I was curious about the timeline for applications, she talked about her own actions during high school in depth and gave perfect advice for how I can further explore my passions.

-Abby Berwick


College Process Prep gave me high quality advice and answered all the questions and concerns I had about the application process! The fact that this program is free is amazing. It is a great initiative and I am grateful for getting to work with them.

-Neethi Belur


When zooming Akul, he was pretty funny and super nice. He gave me a lot of great advice about bs/md programs. First, we talked about the different criteria’s you need. He advised me to take challenging classes and be the top of your class which was very helpful. When talking about the Sat/Act, he told me amazing books I should use to get a high score. We talked in depth about the standardized testing and he told me what exactly I need to work on. He was totally relatable and way better than my own school consular. (period) Literally, my school consular is a slob and says a lot of negative things and doesn’t give advice at all. Akul truly helped me a lot and should come work for me school. Lol. Then, we talked about extra curriculars. He advised to me do some medical related and other things to stand out for admissions. At the end, he kindly told me I can email whenever or dm him if I ever have questions. I would definitely recommend this program over anything for any college help.

-Harleen Kaur